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Brand Extension on a Beautiful, Captivating Canvas

Our beautifully designed self-service kiosks provide a non-invasive platform to interact with on-the-go consumers in a physical environment. The attractive form factor provides ample space for branding to help retail brands engage audiences on premises. Combined with purpose-specific software, our solutions deliver a complete, inviting, and empowering user experience that elevates any brands image with its digital customer.

What they want when they want it with no channel conflict

Integration with inventory, loyalty, eCommerce, and payment transaction processing back-end systems, customers can order and buy products right from the kiosk without creating conflicts in the larger transaction and inventory management systems.

Life-size interfaces for connected, consultative selling

large multi-touch interfaces create an interactive shopping system that can turn the in store team to collaborative style consultants working side by side with customers to build the looks and carts that grow revenue and customer loyalty.


Interactive kiosks help customers discover and buy more throughout the store.

See the Models

  • Increase in-store trials with unlimited direct ship variations

    Help them try it on or try it out and find the perfect color with a human-scale interactive catalog tied diectly to the checkout.

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  • Reach through the glass with proximity sensing content

    Bring kiosks right up to the front of the store to engage passersby with a mix off promotions and device-sensing, real-time, and limited time offers.