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Make an Undistracted Connection to Your Customer in Public

ZIVELO is the leading manufacturer of interactive, touch screen kiosks. We help consumer-oriented businesses and organizations connect to their increasingly digital-first customers on-location with an interactive touchscreen kiosk solution.

  • Provide convenience for the fast moving consumer
  • Increase profit with self-service and self-order capability
  • Expand customer engagement
  • Automate business processes
  • Save valuable time
  • Generate supplemental advertising revenue
  • Create customer loyalty programs

A Life-sized Digital Interface for Increasingly Digital Customers

ZIVELO solutions allow businesses and organizations to create a new point of experience with customers to relay and exchange information in real time. See how we do it for these industries:

On-Demand, Self-Service Convenience

Mobile solutions aren’t enough to complete the transaction in most public settings. ZIVELO preconfigured kiosk solutions come with integrated components such as printers, scanners, media players, and biometrics devices that are unavailable and impractical for mobile phones. ZIVELO kiosks provide a true self-service experience on-demand.

Consider Our Preconfigured Solutions

A Customizable Product That Fits Naturally into Any Brand Standard

ZIVELO offers a unique, timeless form factor for all of its kiosks seldom seen within the industry. Our award winning product design and material selection provide a beautiful canvas for leading brands to paint their brands and engage audiences in public. Whichever the chassis—whether desktop, wall mount, floorstanding, or digital signage display—users are drawn to the signature sleek and modern designs.

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