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Drive Thru and Info Kiosks

Self-service transportation kiosks are being used across multiple public transit platforms for self-service ticketing and check-in, such as airports, subways, train stations, port authorities, bus terminals, and toll booths.  In 2011, 104 million visitors used transportation kiosks in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut alone for their ticket and transportation needs.

In addition to registration and ticket and boarding pass printing, kiosks are being used to display information such as directions, traffic updates, delays, interactive maps for wayfinding, updated scheduling information, travel advisories, internet access, hours of operation, contact information and more.

Transportation kiosks can also provide overall system management, operations and metrics reporting in addition to printing tickets, maps, and receipts.

With the ability to display multimedia video and sound, these multi-faceted kiosks can be utilized for video advertising and streaming important instructional videos, announcements, and updates in real time.  Updates and changes can be made easily from a single remote network computer and filtered automatically to all networked kiosks simultaneously or individually.

Transportation kiosks speed up the commuting process by allowing travelers to pass through lines quickly with the swipe of their credit or debit cards, enhancing the overall consumer experience..

For the transportation provider, these transportation kiosks streamline ticketing operations, management, and reporting - freeing up personnel to attend to other priorities, reducing overhead, and providing new opportunities to market their brands and the brands of advertisers thus creating additional revenue streams.

With self-service technology and ZIVELO’s lines of kiosk and digital signage products the possibilities are endless.  Every day people are becoming more comfortable interacting with touchscreens and enjoy the convenience of having products and services right at their fingertips.

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