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Computer Kiosks for Training

Self-service training kiosks help employers to educate their employees and keep them up to date on everything from the products and services that they offer to new program rollouts and promotions, new government regulations, employee handbook and policy updates.

Training kiosks provide a cost-effective and convenient way to make training accessible to large numbers of employees who may work multiple shifts and may not have access to computers or the internet at home.

Training kiosks also allow employees to learn at their own pace while minimizing the time involvement required of upper management to train staff individually.  With interactive kiosks, responses to training courses and testing can be sent to a centralized database for individual progress tracking.

A few examples of how training kiosks have been used to educate employees are:

  • Site security planning tools have been used by trainees to simulate defense threats including armed assaults and suicide bombings from both a third-party view and a first-person virtual walk space perspective.
  • Vitamin companies use in-store kiosks as an employee reference tool – containing voluminous amounts of fairly complex product information for thousands of vitamins and supplements that the chains offer which results in the ability of the employees to provide consumers with the most accurate information to assist in their purchasing decisions.
  • Manufacturing facilities install training kiosks to educate  employees on health and safety guidelines as required by the US government’s Occupational Health and Safety laws.
  • Companies use training kiosks to educate new employees on company policies and human resource guidelines.

With self-service technology and ZIVELO’s lines of kiosk and digital signage products the possibilities are endless.  Every day people are becoming more comfortable interacting with touchscreens and enjoy the convenience of having products and services right at their fingertips.

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