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HR and Employee Kiosks

Despite the exceptional growth in self-service applications ever the past ten years, few market applications provide such a compelling return on investment (ROI) as the Human Resources sector. In fact, many have achieved years of significant returns from web-based HR systems with their connected workforce.

Self-service kiosk deployment represents the opportunity to reap the same level of proven automated benefits with the disconnected employees of an organization. In manufacturing, retail, health care, government and many other corporate environments, the percentage of employees without daily access to a computer can represent roughly 40-50% of the company’s workforce. In order to reach full cost savings by reaching 100% of your work force, kiosks are an excellent solution.

By using multi-tiered, web-based solutions, companies can acquire substantial savings and benefits including:


• Multi-Purpose! Self-service kiosks can be used for a variety of purposes to meet practically any need that an organization may have when it comes to human resources. Offering candidates the ability to apply for jobs in addition to allowing employees to access pay and benefits information, employee rewards programs, and company policies and regulations are just some of the many applications that can be offered simultaneously at the same access-point.
• Kiosks can be managed remotely, allowing kiosk content to be automatically managed and distributed in real time to an entire network or to select groups without having to manually update the terminals.
• Analytics and reports allow management to evaluate the success of kiosk applications, specific content and overall projects. Each navigation and print request can be recorded with a date and time stamp further simplifying activity analytics.
• Keeping employees connected will result in improved morale in addition to higher employee retention rates.


• Automation enrollment yields high processing savings ranging from 20-80%.
• Self-service contributes to a 60% overall HR cost savings and a 50% reduction in HR administrative costs
• Organizations with several key technology solutions have stronger operating income growth than those without.
• An organizational move to shared self-service centers can result in up to an 18% staff reduction.

The possibilities and applications are endless. As self-service continues to grow, people are becoming more comfortable interacting with touchscreens and enjoy the convenience of fast, targeted access to information.

Virtually anything the mind can conceive - ZIVELO’s lines of self-service kiosk and digital signage products can achieve, providing users with products and services right at their fingertips.

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