Photo Booth Kiosks Increase in Popularity


A Picture Is Worth 1,000…Megabytes

There’s no question that today’s generation loves taking photos. Snapping a picture at their home, school, restaurant, or event has become a favorite medium for storytelling. Social media sharing on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest has dramatically increased the popularity of digital photography.

Imagine all the attention your business would receive if you offered a photo booth at a big event? It will become an instant hit with the photo grabbing, photo loving crowds.

Photo Booth Kiosks

The old days of hiring professional photographers for an event are diminishing. In short, they are expensive! Photo booth rentals promote a fun atmosphere, while being more forgiving on the wallet. These handy booths can be placed at virtually any type of event, from corporate to private, and quickly become the talk of the party.

Several props such as hats, costumes, and accessories can also be used to make the photo more festive especially if the occasion calls for it such as birthdays, Christmas parties, weddings, and so on.

Images taken can be instantly, edited and printed, so participants can have a copy right away. Soft copies, those which can be shared via Bluetooth through handheld gadgets or shared through social media and photo sharing sites online are also available. An internal camera is often integrated with the kiosk so there’s no need for manual assistance. Simple instructions are displayed on a touch screen that walks each group through each step to snap, print, or upload their pictures.

Money Making Photos

Photo booths can provide a very lucrative business model, renting out the kiosks for events and charging renters by the hour and/or for individual picture prints. Entrepreneurs can recoup the cost of the kiosk in as little as 3 to 4 events.

Brick & mortar businesses (such as clubs, retail, or music venues) benefit from the increased foot traffic by placing photo booths in key high impact areas. Keeping their customers entertained in the store, and spending money.

Where to Find Booths and Kiosks

Photo booths kiosks are available as custom or turn-key solutions. Each kiosk can be customized to match your businesses colors, logo, & software needs. Visit for a list of available options.