Improve Public Computing with a Clear Call to Action


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Bringing a new kiosk into your organization is exciting – but not nearly as exciting as when people use it. But without a clearly presented message, customers just see your new kiosk as a pretty touchscreen box. Now, the job of your business is to present a clear call to action for your customers to use your new ZIVELO kiosk. The best way to do this is to start from the outside and work in.

Start with your marketing channels

Your new kiosks  is a great addition to your business and your effort to increase public computing. Be sure to “shout it from the rooftops.” Convene with your marketing department and start a conversation about your new kiosk in all of your communications channels. Use your email marketing strategy to announce the kiosk to your loyal business followers. Follow a consistent messaging idea such as “Come see the latest addition to our office.” Start a conversation on your social media platforms about all the great things your ZIVELO kiosk brings to your business. Essentially, you try to get buzz going about your new kiosk on the outside in hopes that they come to the inside.

Market the space around your kiosk

After all of the buzz that has been created about your new digital  kiosk in the outside sphere, you should prepare for your customers to come into your space. Once your customers enter, the kiosk should be simple and easy to find. Act under the assumption that these people came to your business to test out your new appointment-setting or wayfinding kiosk. If this is the sole purpose of their visit, you should take care to make sure these loyal customers know what to do when they walk into the store.

Create a clear call to action around the space of the public computing kiosk. Place a sign on your front door or as soon as people enter. Tell visitors where the kiosk is placed and encourage them to visit the device as soon as possible. Hang a sign from the ceiling or place strategic arrows throughout the office or store to guide your visitors in the right direction.

Encourage participation on the kiosk

Now, customers have heard about your new digital kiosk from the outside channels, they have come to the store and found the device using the well-placed marketing materials around the kiosk, now they must be encouraged to actually use the kiosk. Again, this imperative call to action must be continued.

The branding on your kiosk must be consistent with the tone and voice used for your business. If this is not consistent, customers get frustrated and confused with the mission of the kiosk. They start to question why they are here and how it is supposed to help them complete the mission outlined for them in the outside marketing channels. Keep consistent fonts, colors, and designs throughout the system to help the users feel more at ease.

Next, plainly state what it is you want the user to complete. Use messages such as “Touch here to begin” or “Please choose a time for your appointment.” Never assume the user knows how to proceed without being informed.

In the end, if you spend the time and money to bring a ZIVELO kiosk into your space, it is important is it used by your customers. Creating and following through with a clear call to action that ends with a ZIVELO kiosk will ensure your purchase was a wise decision.

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