Convenience is Currency

By Ziver Birg |

Convenience is the currency of today
The mobile industry is a direct reflection of this idea. By enabling an incredibly connected set of information and making that information available to anyone in the world through a palm-sized device, the mobile technology leaders pulled the market from the “lean back” media engagement model of the television era to the “lean forward” model we’ve all grown accustomed to through our personal computing devices. Over the span of two decades, this shift has fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with media and content. The unfortunate consequence is that consumers are now “heads down”—deeply invested in studying this content through a highly personalized handheld looking glass, and as a result, are losing a connection to the built world. ZIVELO believes that the next stage in the natural evolution of computing to be one that pulls users back from “heads down” to a more socially integrated “heads up” computing experience.

For a growing set of verticals from restaurant to retail, we enable brands and businesses to present a controlled, curated set of content to their customers at the point of need, and interact directly to answer that need through an elegant life-sized device—without distraction.

Our solution allows businesses of all types to create a new point of contact with their customers to further remove barriers between the end customer and the information they seek. Our beautifully designed, future-proof public computing solutions provide a captivating, attention-getting answer for an infinite array of business use-cases. Alongside our current product set, our innovation team is constantly producing new product lines and product variations to continue to materialize possibilities for Public Computing.

ZIVELO is bringing the market forward by continually analyzing the requirements in a number of consumer experience categories and elevating the value of customer experience in the minds of every client. Our premium hardware platform is the only one in the industry with an enclosure-based design, which allows our product to respond to changes in core component dimensions and new embeddable technologies—ultimately offering a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than anyone else in the market. Our instantly recognizable, award-winning form factor provides our customers a captivating touchpoint to provide situational access to on-demand content. And with a dedicated, best-in-class customer experience and support team, our clients can expect best-in-class support and uptime.