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Infographic: What are the benefits of healthcare kiosks?

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Let our experience successfully deploying thousands of self-service kiosks and digital signage solutions guide and protect you through your own implementation. From patient check-in and scheduling to innovative telemedicine, what do you have to lo


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Self-order kiosks are all the rage for QSR’s. But are they living up to the hype? ZIVELO is proud to have partnered with to answer this question! The use of self-order kiosks in QSRs has been taking off, with the rate of adoption among restaurant operators expected to continue to […]

White Paper: How to Plan and Measure a Successful Kiosk Deployment

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Self-service kiosks provide the perfect, undistracted platform for businesses and brands to engage with customers in public locations. That’s why countless kiosk deployments have been wildly successful. However, not all of them are successful – it comes down to the proper planning and measurement of return. This white paper contains […]

How Incoming Store Technology Will Change Retail Forever

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by Jason Schwab | Jul 19, 2018 First Nike LIVE store in Los Angeles When speculating on the future of retail technology, two radically different images usually come into focus. With online sales constantly on the rise, there are those who believe customers will eventually never want or need to visit a physical […]

Listen: Why Retail Isn’t Dead, with Healey Cypher

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MarketScale | Emily Rector | March 12, 2018 MarketScale chats with Healey Cypher, CEO of ZIVELO, formerly CEO of Oak Labs (the 2 companies merged in 2018). We discuss their focus on reinvigorating the human-to-human retail experience, how technology can help them redefine that relationship, and how technology needs to be […]

Large Scale Deployment Considerations

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If you are considering implementing kiosk or digital signage options in your business, the number of details and logistics to navigate and manage can be overwhelming. Hiring internally to manage these processes would be time-consuming and expensive, and other manufacturers don’t offer world-class customer service and account management from discovery […]

Infographic: Screen Size Matters!

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Many restaurants begin their self-service journey with pole-mounted tablets. You know who they go to next, when those solutions don’t work? ZIVELO.