Why 3? The Most Important Number in Public Computing


Want to learn more about measuring the success of your public computing initiatives? Download our white paper, “How to Plan & Measure the Success of a Kiosk Deployment”. When it comes to public computing, nothing is more important than the number 3. Why? Because all of public computing boils down […]

Measurements That Matter: Tracking Your Public Computing Success


Want to learn more about measuring the success of your public computing initiatives? Download our white paper, “How to Plan & Measure the Success of a Kiosk Deployment”.  If your organization has been looking for an undistracted platform to interact with customers in a physical location, kiosks could be the […]

ZIVELO Announces Global Kiosk Solutions Partnership with Panasonic System Communications Company of North America


October 15, 2014 – Scottsdale, AZ — Interactive touchscreen kiosk pioneers, ZIVELO, and Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, announce today that the two companies have entered into a reseller partnership to deliver best-in-class kiosk solutions to Panasonic business solutions clients worldwide.  The two tech companies have come together […]

What Is Public Computing?


If you follow us here on this blog or on our social media channels, you’ve seen us refer to “public computing.” But you might be wondering “What is public computing?” The common sense definition of public computing might consist of bringing along a laptop to a meeting or using a […]

Enhance Your Customer Experience with Public Computing


Public computing is more than just using a computer in public. If that were the case, everybody would technically be “public computing” every time they brought their smartphone out to check Facebook in the middle of dinner. No, public computing is different. Public computing creates an undistracted brand engagement between […]

Photo Booth Kiosks Increase in Popularity


The old days of hiring professional photographers for an event are diminishing. In short, they are expensive! Photo booth rentals promote a fun atmosphere, while being more forgiving on the wallet. These handy booths can be placed at virtually any type of event, from corporate to private, and quickly become the talk of the party.

The Rise of Voice Recognition Technology


Voice Recognition in the Public Sector

This disruptive technology will spill into the public sector as greater demand of interactive voice technologies increase with adoption. Simple, transactional actions will soon shift to computer driven interactions, costing only a fraction of price of an on-site employee. There is a good chance in the near future that when you visit an office, purchase tickets to an event, or speak to security that you may be interfacing with a virtual admin.

Kiosks Used to Improve Patient Satisfaction with Healthcare Service


Under the Affordable Care Act, US health insurers must now offer free preventative health care to new clients. Routine check-ups can be a hassle with unaccommodating office hours, long wait times, & the search for doctors within network. Nationwide, nearly 2 out of 5 people are living in an underserviced area for doctors.

Public computing companies have viewed this as an opportunity to introduce self service technology to improving the experience of preventative health screenings, while shaving costs.

ZIVELO Ranks 697th on Inc. 500 | 5000 List for 2013


Gas City, IN – August 25, 2013 Touchscreen kiosk and digital signage manufacturer ZIVELO, ranks 697th out of 5000 on the Inc. 500 | 5000 list for 2013 of fastest growing companies in the US; based on ZIVELO’s 657% 3-year revenue growth. Inc. magazine ranks leading self-service kiosk and digital […]