McDonald’s – McD’s Invests in Becoming the Ultimate Concept for Convenience

By Brandon Devine |

McDonald’s: MCD’S INVESTS IN BECOMING THE ULTIMATE CONCEPT FOR CONVENIENCE McDonald’s strides in technology have stemmed from a few consistent goals: to increase customer counts by retaining current patrons, to win back consumers who defected to other restaurant brands during McDonald’s past struggles, and to boost the frequency of what it […]

McDonald’s CEO Using ZIVELO Kiosk

By AJ Montgomery |

ZIVELO is the exclusive partner for 3 of 5 top QSR companies in the United States.  It’s the new normal. Self-service technology has found its way out of our palm and into public settings. A movement that shows no signs of slowing down. We’ve been humbled and thrilled to see such a wide […]

Innovation in Public

By Ziver Birg |

ZIVELO started in 2008 as a reaction to the slow and manufacturing focused kiosk industry. Our response changed the focus from a cost-based model to a quality-based model focused on delivering a patented “future-proof” chassis and highly recognizable product design continuity. In addition to product innovation, ZIVELO has also worked […]

The 3/30/3 Rule: Start with Engagement

By Ziver Birg |

For public computing solutions like kiosks, digital engagement is different. Although kiosks have interactive displays and computer processors to deliver the digital content experience, the device does not belong to a user. Kiosks are owned by a business or brand and have been placed in a physical space to provide a point […]

Why We Say #PublicComputing

By Ziver Birg |

The kiosk market has evolved into what we call Public Computing—a new category that resulted from the intersection of three market forces: (1.) the significant drop in the cost of computer technology, (2.) the pervasiveness of structured internet content presented by brands to consumers and (3.) the “on-demand” culture created […]

Convenience is Currency

By Ziver Birg |

Convenience is the currency of today The mobile industry is a direct reflection of this idea. By enabling an incredibly connected set of information and making that information available to anyone in the world through a palm-sized device, the mobile technology leaders pulled the market from the “lean back” media […]

Serving Digital-first Customers in Public

By Ziver Birg |

Today’s consumers are increasingly becoming “digital-first.” This is a direct result of three trends: the growth of mobile technology, the pervasiveness of social media, and the ever-expanding intelligence of the internet. In 2014, Nielsen reported that the average consumer now owns four digital devices and a 2014 Bank of America […]

Now Serving: Kiosks—The Rise of Consumer Preference

By Ziver Birg |

Customers increasingly want personalization and customization at every level of their consumer experience. This preference for digital first engagement has been growing steadily for the past decade thanks to a combination of factors including the rise of personal computing technologies (like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets), the data-driven consumer profile […]

Entrepreneurs Learn How to Thrive at ZIVELO for Phoenix Startup Week

By Brandon Devine |

Scottsdale, Arizona (March 2, 2015) – ZIVELO’s iconic showroom transformed into a hub for community innovators and entrepreneurs on day two of Phoenix Startup Week, which took place from February 23rd – 27th. ZIVELO was featured as a host along with other Downtown Scottsdale businesses, including Weebly and GoDaddy. Zivelo, a tour […]

ZIVELO Strengthens Its Tree Planting Initiative


Self-Service Kiosk and Digital Signage Manufacturer Pledges to Plant Three Trees for Every Kiosk Sold. ZIVELO, a leader in self-service kiosk and digital signage manufacturing, continues to champion innovative green initiatives within the industry. ZIVELO works closely with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization that has planted over 65 […]